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STEM Play Mat

STEM Play Mat
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2 years & up. Bring the feel of the outdoors inside with these vibrant, real-image play mats. The polyester surface is extremely lifelike and is sure to captivate young learners. Each mat measures 59"L x 39.5"W.

Playmat Care Instructions:


Store the Playmat rolled up with the printed design on the outside in a cool place. Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight may cause colors to fade slightly over a long period of time.


Treat the Playmat as you would any rug or carpet:

  • For dirt and light soiling, brush lightly with a soft brush or use a vacuum cleaner
  • For heavy soiling the surface may be cleaned with carpet cleaner


Never rub the surface. The correct way to clean a spillage or mark is to blot the area with a clean, absorbent cloth or white paper towel. Try not to make the spillage area larger. Then scrape up any excess spillage with a blunt knife or spatula. For stains, the surface may be cleaned with carpet cleaner.

Before using any cleaning products on the Playmat, you should always “spot test” the mat to ensure the solution you are using will not damage or bleach the mat. Washing liquid, abrasive cleaners or caustic solutions that contain bleaching agents can damage the mat.

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