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Sense of Place Rectangular Storage Baskets - Set of 3Sense of Place Rectangular Storage Baskets - Set of 3All Ages. Bring texture and sensory-based exploration to classroom storage with these handwoven Rattan Baskets. Featuring reinforced handles, this set of 3 standard classroom storage baskets integrates… More »Product: 31875
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Safe & Sound™ Fixed Side Clearview Compact CribSafe & Sound™ Fixed Side Clearview Compact CribThe Safe & Sound™ Fixed Side Compact Crib has 4 stationary sides which creates a safer environment, and clear acrylic end panels for ease of viewing. Solid wood construction with a durable long… More »Product: 24929
In Stock

Carolina 4-Section LockerCarolina 4-Section LockerArrange your classroom with attractive, strong, child-safe birch plywood furniture. At 45.5" tall, this 4-section locker unit is the perfect size for children to keep all of their personal belongings… More »Product: 48040
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Carolina Multipurpose Shelf StorageCarolina Multipurpose Shelf StorageArrange your classroom with attractive, strong, child-safe birch plywood furniture. At 36" tall, this versatile single-sided unit features 8 compartments for storing toys or supplies. Features a… More »Product: 28752
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Premium Cots and Cot CarrierPremium Cots and Cot CarrierCots are lightweight and durable with a stain-resistant nylon and mesh fabric, creating a personalized, comfortable sleeping surface. Replaceable fabric cover attaches to steel tube frames in gapless,… More »Product: 90239GP
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$74.95 - $89.95

Stackable CotsStackable Cots12 months & up for Toddler Cots and 2 - 5 years for Standard Cots. Our lightweight cots are fully assembled and easy-to-clean. With a low profile frame and sturdy construction, they provide the durability… More »Product: 84934GP
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$75.95 - $79.95
$60.95 - $65.95

Premium Cot Sheets - EachPremium Cot Sheets - EachCot sheets are 100% microfiber polyester and have an elastic band for a snug fit. Machine washable. Toddler sheets measure 40"L x 22"W and standard sheets measure 52"L x 22"W. Choose color/style.Product: 62945GP
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Rest MatsRest MatsThese comfortable mats are the perfect spot for a restful naptime! Children require around 13 hours of sleep for important physical and mental development. This smooth surface aids in them getting those… More »Product: 29591P
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$49.95 - $219.95
$39.95 - $159.95

Play House CubePlay House CubeThe Play House Cube made of Carolina Birch plywood provides children a quiet, comfy space to relax and reflect. This six-sided cube features three circular openings, two solid sides, and an open bottom.… More »Product: 81359P
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$49.95 - $338.95

Toddler MarketplaceToddler Marketplace12 months & up. Toddlers will love role playing social situations at the well designed Toddler Marketplace. This marketplace features beautifully angled shelves to hold bins and display products and… More »Product: 63551
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Carolina See-All StorageCarolina See-All StorageNow it's easy to find what you need. Unit includes 12 clear trays. Assembly required - Tools provided. Baltic birch. 21"H x 35"W x 14"D. 15 lbs.Product: 40002
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4-Fold 2" Thick Rest Mats4-Fold 2" Thick Rest MatsMake nap time snug and storage time convenient. High-quality, washable vinyl cover. Sealed edges between the folds and around the other edges. Made with durable vinyl material. Easy to clean and easily… More »Product: 11464P
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$47.95 - $191.95
$41.95 - $166.95

Safe & Sound™ EasyReach™ Compact CribSafe & Sound™ EasyReach™ Compact CribThe Safe & Sound™ EasyReach™ Compact Crib has 3 stationary sides, and an easy-release hinged side rail for ease in placing or taking baby out the crib. Clear acrylic end panels on each… More »Product: 24930
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Premium Solid Maple 5-Shelf Book DisplayPremium Solid Maple 5-Shelf Book DisplayThe intentional design of these shelves allow for optimal front cover display. The ease of locating an old favorite or new title will appeal to children's visual nature and draw them into the enriching… More »Product: 1621P
In Stock
$265.95 - $314.95

Premium Solid Maple Student Desk - 22" HeightPremium Solid Maple Student Desk - 22" Height4 years & up. Children will enjoy collaborating together or working independently on chosen activities at this perfectly sized desk. Young learners can engage in a variety of tasks, such as writing,… More »Product: 1649
In Stock

STEM Exploration TableSTEM Exploration Table4 years & up. This state-of-the-art interactive STEM table with 2 locking casters offers multiple, hands-on STEM learning experiences. Young learners can engage in a variety of child-guided experimental… More »Product: 29425
In Stock

Carolina 5-Shelf Book DisplayCarolina 5-Shelf Book Display2 years & up. Five roomy shelves make it easy for children to see book titles. Fully rounded Baltic birch edges, solid masonite back. Durable UV finish. 28"H x 24"W x 15"D. Wt. 24.5… More »Product: 48108
In Stock

Birch Plywood Carolina 24" 5-Compartment Storage Unit - Solid BackBirch Plywood Carolina 24" 5-Compartment Storage Unit - Solid BackArrange your classroom with this attractive, strong, and child-safe Birch Plywood Carolina 24" 5-Compartment Storage Unit for Classroom Furniture. At 24" tall, this popular single-sided storage… More »Product: 28751
In Stock

Carolina Mobile Storage IslandCarolina Mobile Storage IslandIdeal storage and organization solution to arrange your classroom space! This Carolina Mobile Storage Island features open shelves and twelve cubbies to store manipulatives, toys, and more. Multi-functional… More »Product: 28759
In Stock

Washable Wicker BasketsWashable Wicker BasketsEasily store essential classroom materials with these Washable Woven Plastic Wicker Basket with Hand Grips for Classroom Sorting and Organization. This set of woven plastic wicker baskets provides a convenient,… More »Product: 82470P
In Stock
$11.95 - $279.95

Premium Solid Maple Preschool Mobile Storage IslandPremium Solid Maple Preschool Mobile Storage IslandWith shelving options on both sides, the versatility of this quality piece compliments all classrooms. Substantial storage space is one of the benefits of this valuable piece as well as defining areas… More »Product: 1638
In Stock

Premium Solid Maple 20-Bin StoragePremium Solid Maple 20-Bin StorageChildren will feel confident and secure when they can count on the predictability and routine of their favorite learning materials residing in a familiar space. This essential storage unit offers 20 spaces… More »Product: 1622
In Stock

Premium Solid Maple 3-Shelf StoragePremium Solid Maple 3-Shelf StorageThese roomy, accessible shelves invite a variety of possibilities for the classroom. The open design allows for freedom to create and organize learning areas while keeping a variety of materials within… More »Product: 1632
In Stock

Carolina Narrow 3 - Shelf StorageCarolina Narrow 3 - Shelf StorageArrange your classroom with attractive, strong, child-safe birch plywood furniture. This small open storage unit offers three shelves for storing toys and classroom essentials. Narrow silhouette is ideal… More »Product: 28763
In Stock

Carolina 8-Cubby StorageCarolina 8-Cubby StorageArrange your classroom with attractive, strong, child-safe birch plywood furniture. At 30" tall, this narrow storage unit offers space for eight storage bins or wicker baskets (sold separately.)… More »Product: 70138
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